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VIDEO: 2023 BMW 7 Series’ Effortless Smartphone-Assisted Parking

The 2023 7 Series is the BMW model with the most features and will add a new function. Owners can park the company’s flagship model while standing outside thanks to Remote Control Parking for the Automatic Maneuvering Assistance. If you are less than six meters (20 feet) from the car, you can use the My BMW App on an iPhone to use it.

An iPhone connected to the M760e xDrive is a digital key in a recent instructional video. The sensors and cameras on the 7 Series G70 can look for vacant parking spaces, which are detected automatically once you have completely past them. Whether or not the driver is in the car, it can park alone. If the parking space is too small, you can exit the vehicle and continue the manoeuvre using your smartphone.

The owner must hit the blue parking button on the iPhone while standing outside if they want the luxury automobile to handle everything. As soon as you let go of the button, the car stops. If you press it again, the maneuver will continue until the 7 Series is successfully parked.

The Maneuvering Assistant may store a variety of movements that cover up to 200 meters (656 feet) in length each using GPS data and the trajectory information from steering movements. According to BMW, a total of 10 moves may be recorded. By managing the accelerator, brakes, steering, and gear changes, it effectively does all the work.

The driver can switch between in-vehicle and remote control while performing the move. How many users will use this functionality is unknown; some might even call it a gimmick. The seventh-generation 7 Series, on the other hand, is a big car with lengthy doors, making parking in a small space difficult.

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