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BMW M760i V12: Contemporary Wonder or Future Classic?

In 1987, the 5.0-litre M70 V12 engine debuted in the E32 7 Series, marking the start of the V12 era. The aim was to deliver top-notch smoothness and seamless performance. Over five generations, it consistently met this goal, transitioning from twin-turbocharging to natural aspiration. Unfortunately, the G12 7 Series ended the BMW V12 era. In limited quantities, BMW produced the final V12 model, fittingly named The Final V12, with only 12 units allocated for the US market. It was exclusively offered to customers who had previously purchased a V12-powered BMW.

Since the 1980s, BMW has kept tabs on customers purchasing their most expensive products. Creating a limited edition model demonstrates that BMW considers the V12-powered 7 Series a special vehicle. BMW and other manufacturers have no plans to produce new V12 engines. As a result, the availability of such models will likely decline in the coming years. Will the M760i V12 eventually become a classic? Only time will tell.

Over the years, V12-powered 7 Series cars have consistently delivered impressive performance. A well-maintained V12-powered E66 recently sold for just over $21,000 on Bring a Trailer, highlighting its affordability. Although it is the least popular V12 model, this 15-year-old 7 Series still commands a decent price.

When comparing values, E38 750iL models tend to sell for approximately 50% more than E66 models. A recent sale of an E38 with similar mileage cost $30,650, while another with higher mileage sold for $35,000. It begs the question: will the final BMW V12 achieve the same level of popularity as the most sought-after 7 Series of all time? The Final V12 has a good chance, thanks to its twin-turbo engine. It boasts nearly double the horsepower and over a litre more displacement than its predecessor.

Although the G70 BMW 7 Series has not been lauded as a standard in automobile design, the G12 7 Series has withstood the test of time, despite varying opinions on its daring aesthetics. It’s a handsome progression from the earlier and less appealing F01 7 Series, even if it hasn’t received much support from the automotive press.

Although exact production numbers are not readily available, it’s safe to say that the M760i is at hand in limited quantities. Luxury sedans with a price tag of $160,000 are not typically fast sellers. As a result, the limited production run guaranteed that all units would eventually find buyers. Even during the production phase, these exceptional vehicles were not widely available.

As BMW has ceased production of V12-powered 7 Series cars, finding one has become increasingly challenging. Historically, low-volume vehicles have frequently been appreciated over time and have become regarded as “collectible.” Particularly intriguing low-volume cars, such as those with unique powertrains or fascinating histories, often increase value over time. If you want an M760i, you should make a purchase soon.

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