[Video] BMW M4 CSL and M4 GTS Go Head-to-Head in Drag Race

The BMW M4 CSL follows in the footsteps of the M3 CSL E46 and 3.0 CSL E9 as a spiritual successor, but its closest relative is the M4 GTS. The M4 GTS made a splash when it was released in 2016 due to its innovative water injection system that increased its power to 500 hp. Now, in 2022, the new Competition Sport Lightweight boasts 550 hp.

In this drag race between the two track-focused M4 models, the outcome may not be what you were anticipating. Despite the CSL’s best efforts to catch up, the GTS comes out on top due to its lighter weight of 115 kilograms (253 pounds). However, it’s worth noting that the CSL is able to recover most of the ground it loses at the start, making for an exciting and close race.

While it’s true that power and weight play a role in determining the outcome of a drag race, other factors also come into play. These can include the driver’s reaction time and the speed of gear shifts. It’s worth noting that the M4 GTS has a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, while the M4 CSL has an eight-speed torque-converter transmission. These differences could potentially impact the outcome of the race.

Next, the CSL faced off against a Porsche 911 GTS, but it was no match for its opponent. The M4’s launch control system also proved ineffective, as the car struggled to maintain traction and filled the air with smoke. In later drag races, the M4 CSL competed against a previous-generation M240i xDrive and an M2 Competition in a rolling race. The video also features a previous-generation 911 GT3 RS and a new 911 GT3 joining the competition.

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