2027 BMW 3 Series (G50/G51): Your Sneak Peek at What’s Coming

In 2027, the legendary BMW 3 Series takes a revolutionary turn, branching into two distinct platforms. Firstly, the revered CLAR foundation fuels the petrol, diesel, and plug-in hybrid variants, carrying forward the rear-wheel drive tradition. Secondly, the futuristic Neue Klasse blueprint pioneers the electric dimension with the avant-garde i3, introducing a new era of electrifying elegance to the 3 Series narrative.

With this dual strategy, BMW offers an unparalleled choice, where tradition meets innovation, blending classic design with futuristic foresight. Whether you prefer the elegant G50 sedan or the adaptable G51 touring, a touch of the Neue Klasse brilliance is guaranteed. BMW sets the pace for the future, promising a riveting blend of the classic and the modern. This steers the journey ahead with unrivalled elegance and vibrant energy.

Today, we spotlight the 2027 BMW 3 Series G50 and G51. Recognising that various markets harbour differing readiness for a complete electric transition, BMW stands firm in its versatile offering.

The G50/G51 3 Series portfolio maintains a rich variety. This houses gasoline engines to plug-in hybrids, a testimony to BMW’s commitment to cater to all aficionados. Consequently, the 2027 BMW 3 Series stands to reason, following the “regular” blueprint. It will be cruising robust sales lanes well into the 2030s, showcasing timeless appeal in a fast-evolving market.

Taking the helm of the 2027 BMW 3 Series lineup is the formidable M350. This is a dynamic revamp set to replace the current champion, M340i. Under its bonnet, the cherished B58 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine persists, promising riveting performance synonymous with M models. But, you might wonder, where did the “i” vanish in M350? It’s a nod to BMW’s streamlined naming strategy, embracing simplicity and clarity. The future delineates a straightforward narrative: “i” earmarked for the fully electric series greeting us as the i3. Meanwhile, the gasoline contemporaries bid farewell to the “i”. This retains the electrifying “e” for the plug-in hybrids, steering into a future with clear, recognisable badges for every power source.

Poised to grace the US markets, the 2027 BMW M350 promises versatility with both rear-wheel and xDrive options. Mirroring today’s array, the lineup foresees a foundational 320, a balanced 330i, and the ultra-efficient 330e PHEV taking centre stage. But what about a power surge for the M350, potentially eclipsing the M340i’s 382 hp? While still under wraps, we wouldn’t sideline such an exciting uptick just yet. Moreover, the whispers in the industry hint at BMW considering a diesel variant, extending its reach beyond the US territories. While the jury is still out, there’s a hint of anticipation as we await the final word, showcasing BMW’s relentless pursuit to offer variety and meet diverse customer preferences.

As we inch closer to the launch, we foresee a strategic move by the BMW design squad to narrow the divide between the two 3 Series families. This streamlines the tasks of the marketing brigade. In 2024, clarity is expected to dawn as the maiden prototypes of Neue Klasse NA0 and G50 3 Series hit the roads. Buzz from the grapevine suggests sidestepping an M3 or M4 iteration grounded on the G50/G51 3 Series for the M brand’s umbrella.

Instead, all eyes pivot to the promising prospect of the all-electric M3, poised to build its legacy on the solid foundation of the Neue Klasse bearing the code name ZA0. A nod to the electric revolution, perhaps? Only time will spill the true tale.

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