BMW M240i Enhances Style with 2024 Carbon Roof

In mid-2021, BMW introduced the G42-generation 2 Series, embodying innovation and driving pleasure. Soon after, the sports coupe gets an upgrade with the iDrive 8 system. This move highlights BMW’s commitment to advanced technology. As 2024 approaches, insiders reveal further exciting updates are on the horizon. These enhancements will touch both the interior and exterior, maintaining the vehicle’s top position in automotive excellence. A credible Bimmer Post forum member, known for their accuracy, shares a noteworthy development. They suggest including a carbon fibre roof, enhancing both performance and style.

The lightweight carbon fibre roof is expected for the rear-wheel-drive M240i and its all-weather xDrive counterpart. Reportedly, it will be an optional feature. This aligns well with BMW’s trends, as seen with the M340i sedan. The M340i, another M Performance model, offered a carbon roof since the 3 Series LCI launch in 2022.

Rumours suggest BMW will offer carbon fibre roofs for the M240i, with production starting in August 2024 at the San Luis Potosi facility in Mexico. Additionally, the 2 Series Coupe is set to get new wheel designs. It will also feature the M2’s Zandvoort Blue and Skyscraper Grey paint options. To enhance its luxury appeal, the interior will receive updates. These may include glass controls, a feature reportedly extending to the 2er series.

The German luxury brand is enhancing its lineup with the top-tier M2. Frank van Meel, head of the M division, announced an “upcoming model revision” for this car earlier this month. He wasn’t referring to the limited-edition special edition due in 2025, nor the high-performance CS version. Instead, the M division’s chief executive likely hinted at an unconfirmed power boost. This increase would take the M2 to 473 horsepower, 20 more than its current model.

In 2026, the potential release of an M2 xDrive could be a major update for the G87, though it’s not officially announced yet. BMW M remains committed to the three-pedal layout in the M2, M3, and M4, promising to keep the six-speed manual gearbox available for now. Additionally, the Z4 M40i is set to receive a stick shift option soon.

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