Porsche Macan EV vs. BMW iX3: Clash of Electric SUVs

Porsche’s electric Macan, announced in 2019, is here to challenge Tesla’s Model Y dominance. BMW’s aging iX3 faces a tough opponent, set for an upgrade in 2025 on the Neue Klasse platform. The Macan EV, riding on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), co-developed with Audi, stands out as a dedicated electric SUV.

Offered as the Macan 4 and Turbo, both featuring dual motors and a robust 95 kWh battery, the Macan EV outshines the iX3. With 402 to 630 horsepower, the Macans accelerate faster, leaving the iX3 behind. As BMW plans an M version for the iX3, the competition in high-performance electric SUVs is heating up.

In terms of range and charging, the Macans excel. With WLTP ratings of 516 to 613 kilometers, they outpace the iX3’s 460 kilometers. The Macan’s DC charging at 270 kW surpasses the iX3’s 150 kW, ensuring quicker charging times.

The Macan’s cabin boasts cutting-edge technology, featuring multiple screens and intuitive controls. In contrast, the iX3, although set for an upgrade, lags in infotainment. Priced at €84,100 in Germany, the Macan EV positions itself above the more affordable iX3 at €67,300. As Macan deliveries start in the second half of the year, the clash of these electric titans is set to reshape the luxury electric SUV landscape.

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