Behind the Lens: Capturing BMW i5 Touring in Norway

BMW unveiled its groundbreaking i5 Touring alongside the classic 5 Series wagon, offering a glimpse into the future of electric mobility against a backdrop of snowy landscapes. Behind the glossy images lies a captivating story of meticulous planning and daring adventure.

Transported from Munich on an epic journey spanning over 2,000 kilometres, the i5 eDrive40 and its counterpart, the 520d xDrive, embarked on a frosty odyssey aboard trucks and ferries to reach the rugged terrain of Norway’s Ã…lesund. This bold decision was not merely for aesthetic allure but also to align with Norway’s fervour for electric vehicles.

Blessed with intermittent sunshine amidst the snowy vistas, the photographers seized the opportunity to capture the essence of BMW’s latest offerings in remote, pristine locations along Norway’s coastline. Despite enduring the bone-chilling temperatures of the Norwegian winter, the team persevered over eight days to immortalize the new 5 Series Touring and its electrifying counterpart.

From the iconic surfer beaches of Hoddevik and Ervik to the westernmost point of Vestkapp, each shot was meticulously crafted to showcase the rugged elegance of the 5 Series Touring. Although the focus was primarily on the standard 520d xDrive and the i5 eDrive40 with M Sport Package, BMW enthusiasts can anticipate an array of variants, including plug-in hybrids and the formidable M5 Touring, slated for release later this year.

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