BMW iX5 Hydrogen: Putting Range Anxiety to Rest

Fuel-cell refill stations are burgeoning, and BMW is not holding back. It’s marching forward hand in hand with industry leaders like Toyota. Envision a robust fleet of 80 iX5 SUVs, a beacon of German luxury. It’ll navigate roads globally in a pivotal pilot programme. It’s a bold statement in the automotive landscape, setting the stage for a hydrogen-powered future. This is a fact, even without a hydrogen vehicle in the current sales lineup. BMW isn’t just shaping cars; it’s sculpting a lot of driving experiences with innovation and anticipation at its core. The transportation revolution is unfolding; watch this space.

BMW’s General Program Manager for Hydrogen Technology, Juergen Guldner, shares uplifting news at Munich’s 2023 IAA Mobility show. Test drivers in Germany, California, and the Middle East found the iX5 reduced that all-too-familiar range anxiety. Guldner confirms this positive feedback in his chat with Automotive News Europe. Additionally, under the WLTP cycle, BMW stakes the vehicle’s impressive range at a solid 313 miles or 504 kilometres.

Juergen Guldner highlighted that, in the iX5 Hydrogen, drivers more freely used air conditioning on sweltering days compared to those in battery-powered vehicles. This fresh BMW entrant significantly curtails range anxiety, garnering a “cool” endorsement from many. While only the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo currently dominate the somewhat lukewarm FCEV market, a surge in interest is noticeable. Indeed, people are acknowledging the need for these sustainable alternatives, given the constraints of battery-only

The Japanese manufacturing giant facilitates BMW with hydrogen fuel cells for the iX5, extending their collaborative dynamics beyond the Supra built on the Z4 platform. Munich executives hint at a hydrogen-fueled SUV hitting the markets before the decade runs out.

Notably, while Spartanburg, South Carolina’s assembly lines champion the birth of both standard X5 and iX5, the transformation magic happens at the R&D hub in Munich. The iX5 recently faced the ultimate endurance test in the scorching heat of the United Arab Emirates, proving its mettle in temperatures soaring up to 45°C (113°F).

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