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[VIDEO] Explore the BMW M3 Touring in Velvet Orchid

The M3 Touring stuns straight out the gate, with no add-ons required. Its allure is undeniable, a sheer delight even with a hefty price tag echoing in European markets. BMW swiftly ramped up production, meeting the roaring demand head-on. Why stop at the standard G81 when thrilling upgrades await? It’s not just a car; it’s an experience, ready to escalate with each added option. The choice is yours; splurge a little, enjoy a lot.

This long-roofed M3 sports a bespoke shade, highlighting its distinctive profile. The high-performance L74 wagon opts for a glossy black roof. It’s a testament to the current absence of a carbon fibre option. A rich coat of Velvet Orchid II Metallic distinguishes it further. Significant costs of modifying the Munich production line, the birthplace of G81, dictate this choice. BMW solidifies its legacy of blending rarity with luxury, offering a vehicle as unique as it is elegant.

A metallic rose hue on the agile Touring didn’t initially convince many BMW enthusiasts. However, it proves the M3 wagon can dazzle in any shade. Recent months have seen a parade of constructions showcasing Individual paintwork, making it a Herculean task to pick a favourite. While BMW offers this marvel solely as an xDrive Competition model, rivalling the AMG C63 Estate, many style and equipment options remain at your disposal, promising a customised, luxe experience.

A Life Cycle Impulse is already in development, even though the first-ever M3 Touring only appeared slightly over a year ago. Given that BMW aims to connect the performance estate with the future LCI for the M3 Sedan and the M4 variants, perhaps this is not such a great surprise. The updated M3 wagon might debut as early as 2024 or 2025, although nothing is set in stone. Even a hardcore CS version is being discussed, although a decision has not yet been made.

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