The Best Features of the Brand-new BMW i4

BMW has a lot on its plate in June. This week, BMW reveals a series of facelift versions and the 4 Series Grand Coupe. It follows the introduction of the BMW i4 and iX electric vehicles. The i4 and iX will lead the company into the future, while the ICE models remain to be the brand’s mainstay. But, for now, the brand-new BMW i4 will be the headliner as we check out its best features.

Brand-new BMW i4

The brand-new BMW i4 is the first all-wheel-drive BMW electric car. Two electric motors produce 536 horsepower and 795 Nm of torque, which is in the BMW i4 M50. It has an acceleration of 3.9 seconds in a maximum range of around 235 miles and 0-60 mph. The BMW i4 M50 is not a full-fledged M vehicle, but it’s also part of the M Performance Automobile division. As a result, it contains some M DNA in its design and technology. It also includes a more powerful body kit courtesy of the standard M Package exterior. M Sport braking system, model-specific adaptive M suspension, optional M light-alloy wheels and variable sport steering are all available on the BMW i4 M50. Moreover, a Sport mode is also available on the BMW i4 M50, providing a maximum system of 795 Nm. 

For the base model i4 eDrive40 model, the Brake Energy Regeneration and integrated brake system are rated at 116 kW, while the M Performance car is at 195 kW. The brand-new i4 also includes impressive electric sounds. Hans Zimmer, the Academy Award winner, is working with BMW in creating a soundscape for its upcoming electric vehicles. Inspired by the current driving environment the driver’s preferences, the IconicSounds Electric is available as an option in the new BMW i4.  

By pressing the button, you can experience a relaxing environment when in Comfort Mode. More forceful and supreme is what you can enjoy in SPORT mode. The acoustic feedback reduces to zero when the car is in ECO PRO mode. However, the BMW i4 M50’s sound is more engaging and has a higher technical profile as what BMW is claiming. 

In terms of charging, the brand-new BMW i4 comes with a suitable DC fast charger. The BMW i4 can charge up to 200 kW. At a speed of ten minutes, the BMW i4 40 can recharge 102 miles of battery, while only 87 miles for the BMW i4 M50. It will take eight hours to fully charge the battery when you use a Level 2 home charger at 11 kW. Given that the BMW i3 can charge up to 50 kW, this is a big leap in charging technology.

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