[Video] Lounge Inside the New BMW X4 Facelift

As the BMW X4 re-enters with a new facelift, it offers more than just a subtly reshaped face. In fact, its front fascia accurately wears the word ‘facelift’ used for this sort of restyling in the middle of a production cycle. With a lift here and a cut there, the new face of the X4 looks like it underwent an intense doctor’s operation. This results in an overall more fresh and stylish result.


The marketing campaign around the new BMW X4 is at an all-time high as this pretty new face aims to make a name for itself. For its first promo clip published online, it includes a mixed message. It seems like a dichotomy between what you see and what you hear if you will. It begins with the X4 parked on a street while the owner looks at it from the inside of his home.

There are two variable results for this video: with the owner taking it for a ride or just lounge around the home. However, the video continues to give a mixed message, implying two possible scenarios are possible. This is not a lecture about quantum physics, it’s called smart marketing. As the owner proceeds to go out and having what looks like the time of his life driving the new X4, the audio says choosing to chill at home is not bad at all.

Basically, taking your X4 out for a spin is no different than chilling and lounging at home. But, either way, there’s no denying that the new BMW X4 facelift looks better than before. It exudes a fresh face that’s unmistakably for the 2020s and will transcend through generation. Inside, it also hosts a lot more new technologies. It starts from the latest iDrive to a wider palette of choices for your perfect combo.

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