A Closer Look at the BMW i Vision DEE at CES 2023

BMW introduced an exciting concept car called the BMW i Vision DEE at CES 2023. In the lead-up to the event, BMW had been teasing the mysterious DEE, which we now know combines hardware and software. Upon closer looking at the vehicle, the first thing that stands out is its design. The front end resembles the i Vision Circular Concept, but the body has a completely different shape, taking on more of a sedan-like appearance. The car also features striking, spinning yellow wheels.

Another notable aspect of the DEE is its incorporation of classic BMW design elements. The kidney grilles are wide rather than tall, aligning with BMW’s traditional design language. The car also boasts a traditional Hofmesiter Kink, upright windows and pillars, and square dual-halo headlights. Overall, the DEE’s design evokes a classic BMW feel more than many of the brand’s current models. It’s worth noting that the car’s design has sparked hopes of it becoming the next 3 Series.

In addition to its eye-catching design, the DEE also boasts BMW’s second generation of E Ink technology, which comprises 240 panels capable of displaying up to 32 colours. This allows for a high level of customisation, with the possibility of adding stripes, creating messages, creating mosaics, or even making each panel a different colour.

It’s an impressive sight to see in person, though it’s unlikely this technology will make it to mass production. While it may appear on some low-volume special edition cars, don’t expect to see colour-changing panels on a production 3 Series anytime soon.

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