New Additions to BMW’s Neue Klasse Lineup Coming Soon

BMW will soon release a line of electric vehicles called the Neue Klasse. These EVs will initially include a sedan and SUV. The Neue Klasse vehicles will eventually replace the current CLAR-based models and will be “uncompromisingly designed for pure electromobility,” according to BMW CEO Oliver Zipse. He also stated that the Neue Klasse line represents a significant advancement in technology, design, and sustainability.

BMW’s Neue Klasse line will include the i3 Sedan and iX3. With both currently being sold, the i3 Sedan only available in China and the iX3 not sold in the US. These Neue Klasse versions will eventually replace the current models, and BMW plans to expand the line with more models soon after the initial sedan and SUV release.

Production will start in 2025 at the Debrecen, Hungary plant and continue in 2026 at the Munich plant. The Spartanburg plant will also assemble at least six Neue Klasse vehicles by 2030. These models will feature round batteries, which offer a 30% increase in range and charging speed compared to the current prismatic cells.

The new batteries are expected to reduce weight by 20%. It can cut production costs in half, while also decreasing manufacturing CO2 emissions by 60%. They will have a standard diameter of 46mm and come in two heights: 95mm for cars and 120mm for SUVs. These batteries will have a 20% higher energy density than the current Gen5 batteries. These can charge to provide 30 miles of range in just one minute.

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