BMW to Release Triple Split Headlight Design For Future Models

BMW aims to stir up more controversy by detaching the daytime running lights from the primary headlights. This new split-headlight design will debut on April 20 when the 7 Series G70 and electric i7 are announced. When the XM goes into production later this year, it will have a similar configuration to the prototype. A new look has been given to both the Rolls-Royce and BMW Spectre.

But there are reported plans to extend the split-headlight design even further. Bimmer Today cites a BMW source who has given a couple of teasers showing a future model with three tiers of headlights. Only the bottom light bar may be turned on, thus they’re completely independent. If you have an iDrive 8 and want to use the Sport mode, you can choose which LEDs are turned on using the iDrive 8. As a result, the car appears as though it is stuck to the ground when this feature is active.

You can, of course, switch on all of the BMW’s LEDs to make it more visible on the road. All three rows and the huge radiator grille are illuminated if you activate the Powerful Presence setting. The headlights have yet to be certified, but a targeted beam of light is generated to prevent oncoming vehicles from being blinded.

Prototypes with tri-beam headlights are on their way, according to an internal email obtained by Bimmer Today on April 1st. Another tweak is reportedly in the works now that higher-ups have given the split headlamp system a thumbs up. Logic tells us that only larger vehicles with a larger frontal area will have these headlights. It’s possible that the 7-Series LCI is an option.

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