[VIDEO] BMW M4 Convertible With 610 HP drives in Wintertime

Even though winter is not yet over, the AC Schnitzer test drives the BMW M4 Convertible in Europe. This well-known German tuner has developed a number of additional features for the G83 Competition model. The aerodynamic kit is not just for show but also has a useful purpose. Moreover, the front splitter provides 40 kilos more downforce, while a large wing for the G82 Coupé adds 70 kg.

On a road car, the canards might be too much, and so might the black accents on the bonnet. With 285/30 tyres at the front and 295/30 tyres at the rear, the lightweight 20-inch forged wheels in gloss black look great. As an alternative, AC Schnitzer offers two-tone metals that combine silver and anthracite surfaces.

Without engine modifications, the tuning package would not realise its full potential. It is possible to upgrade the 3.0-litre inline-six to 590 horsepower and 750 pound-feet (551 lb-ft) of torque. The additional 610 horsepower and torque that comes with the Stage 2 programme is fixed. AC Schnitzer supplies a stainless steel exhaust system with four 110 mm tailpipes in the more powerful version. It is possible to purchase the performance upgrade for vehicles with or without a petrol particulate philtre.

For the BMW M4 Convertible, an AC Schnitzer spring set is available at extra cost. Retaining the original rear set-up, it lowers the front of the vehicle by 15-20 mm. It can also be fitted with a more advanced suspension that can be adjusted between 30 and 40 mm on both axles. Those who want to go all out can get a custom engine cover and a steering wheel covered in perforated leather and Alcantara. Not only the exterior but also the interior of the AC Schnitzer is made of aluminium.

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