BMW M Division Celebrates 50th Anniversary

BMW has released this new film entitled “Huddle Speech” which uses the phrase “WE ARE M” as an emotional statement about the brand’s past and future to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the BMW M Division on 24 May.

For Timo Resch, Head of Customers, Brand and Sales at BMW M GmbH, it was a brilliant start to the year. The film “Huddle Speech” follows in the footsteps of other remarkable BMW M films, but it is also unique in that it heralds a time of change for the company. While we are always looking to the future, the great BMW M fans continue to feel right at home. To ensure that we have fun together with everyone, we have many surprises in shop for all our communication channels throughout the year. 

An in-depth look at the brand’s beginnings in motorsport, its racing successes and its technological breakthroughs is the focus of the video. Videos of races and even Andy Warhol’s painting of the BMW M1 Art Car are shown. There are also several M Automobiles from the past and the future present in the film. You can see the old BMW Procar, the new M3, the i4 M50 and the future BMW XM Concept. There will also be a launching production of the XM Concept this year to mark BMW M’s 50th anniversary.

However, this is just the beginning. The BMW M division has much more in shop for its 50th anniversary celebrations. Promotional videos, special events and new products will be part of this celebration. This unique event will take place on 24 May, the anniversary of the M Division.

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