320ii Storm

Before I leave the house for the day, I’d take a peek outside my window
to check on the weather. A quick peek at the clouds is all I need to determine
whether there would be a need to bring my umbrella. Of course, I’m no weatherman,
so on many occasions, I’d get it all wrong and end up wet by the time I
get to the office. The victim of a sudden lightningstorm. The type of storm which
you don’t see coming, unless, of course, you have a trained eye to pick
out the smaller finer details. A small dark cloud lurking around in the corner
ready to pounce on you when you least expect it.

You’re probably wondering, why in the world I’m blabbering on about
clouds and rain. Well, I thought it the perfect metaphor to describe this car
and do hold on to that thought for a second while I explain. Now, when most
people talk about fast BMWs, it’s usually about the M6s, M5s and of course
the ever popular M3s. The normal run of the mill 3 series models? Those don’t
get talked about much, however, this jet black 3 series featured here looks
like just a normal everyday 320i.

Well, yes, and no. Yes, it’s a 320i, yes it’s practical and it’s
spacious. But, that’s pretty much where it’s similarities with other
320is end. You see… this 3 series here, is not the fine weathered car
we’ve all grown accustomed to. This 3 series, is the little dark cloud
hiding in the corner, building up in ferocity to a full-on sudden thunderstorm.

Jet black paint does nothing but adds on to the stealthy look of the whole
car, a full-on M-Tech II kit, complements the AC Schnitzer side mirrors to give
the car a stronger more aggressive look. With the tapered eyelids and sharkfin
defining its sinister intentions matched with Michelin Pilot Sports 2 tyres
on CSL replica rims to finish the overall appearance, the whole car has a purposeful,
hunkered down look. Just the way a proper BMW should be done.

We’ve got the overall look of the car down, now where’s the substance
behind it all? The main items including having a Hurricane Open Pod Filter to
help her breathe better. Exhaust fumes exit through Twin 84mm Remus pipes at
the rear with a customized mid-pipe along the way.

Developing a very healthy amount of torque and horsepower to shock everyone
who thinks this car is simply an everyday 320i. The way this car accelerates
when pedal hits the metal is quite spectacular and a little scary at the same
time. Kind of like looking at lightning really, all very pretty to look at,
but once it gets too close, you know it’s time to run for shelter.

To wrestle some control over the power and for greater driver satisfaction,
the drivetrain was beefed up to a 5speed manual with major components from a
BMW 330i. Zimmerman Rotors with Stoptech Brake Lines and Bendix Ultimate pads
and deployed to anchor down this charging German machine.

Inside the cockpit of this black beauty is a unique alcantara M steering wheel
with great feel and M-sports seats to bolster everyone down through the twistiest
of curves. Tinted windows add to the sense of mystery and enhances sinister
factor of the car’s shape and form.

It might have the same size and badge as a regular 320i, but when it thunders
pass you or if you spot a pair of evil “angel” eyes in your rear
view mirror, be prepared to give way. If this car was a cloud out there in the
sky, it’ll be the little black one in the corner, just waiting for the
right moment to strike.

Official Discussion Forum Thread Here.

Owner – Shaaz

Vehicle Detail:
Spa For Cars
No. 116 Telok Kurau Road
( Next to East Shore Medical Center )
T – 6440 6398 F – 6440 5398
[email protected]
Operating hours : Mon to Sat- 10am – 6pm

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