You can now purchase a BMW unit online this 2021

In 2021, BMW is going to enter a new digital era. You can now purchase a BMW unit online. Initially, the feature will be available in key markets, followed by a bigger roll-out. Via a sharing screen, consumers would communicate with sales representatives online, customize their cars, and even get a virtual tour of the cars’ inventory.

You can now purchase a BMW unit online this 2021

The BMW would also make it possible for clients to purchase their personalized BWM unit online and have it shipped to their front door. It remains to be seen how the funding part of the arrangement will be done.

“We will be investing a triple-digit million euro amount annually up to 2025 in the digitalization of our sales and marketing. We are working together with our retail partners to offer the industry’s best customer experience in the future,” said Pieter Nota. The head of BMW Sales and Marketing.

“If customers choose to share their data with us, thanks to digitalized processes. We can get to know their wishes and preferences better than ever. We know which products or services they might be interested in. Having this as a basis enables us to provide an individual offering customized for them. Including all features and services, from a single source,” Pieter Nota continued.

BMW will also expand its digital services for after-sales upgrades. Clients are enabled to activate additional features, such as driver assistance systems, selected light and sound packages. These features are often provided for a limited period of time. Thus, helping the clients who rent or lease their vehicle and only drive it for a certain period of time.

Generally, in different markets, we expect to see multiple approaches to online sales. Each country/market comes with a different set of rules and regulations, so it is assumed that the process will be varied.

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