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[VIDEO] BMW iX Against some of its Key All-Electric Rivals

CarWow has everything for you if you want to watch a drag race between some of the heaviest production cars on the market. You know it’s a battle of the heavyweights when the lightest vehicle weighs 5,335 pounds (2,420 kilogrammes). The Mercedes EQC is the smallest electric car in the model range and the sportiest if you can call it that. On the other hand, the Audi E-Tron S weighs 2,620 kg (5,776 lbs).

Considering the mass that cars carry, it’s hard to imagine how these luxury cars make up for the weight. Thanks to the electric motors, which deliver enormous torque that kicks almost immediately. Three of them are SUVs with the Four Rings, which make it to a mountain-proof 970 Newton metres (715 pound-feet). The Tesla Model X has a whopping 755 Nm of torque, which is even considered the weakest in the race.

The Audi E-Tron S took off like a rocket and left a big gap, surprising no one. It’s hard for the BMW iX, driven by Mat Watson, to overtake the three-motor EV. The Mercedes EQC came last, while the Model X settled for third place. Since Tesla was not the performance model, some might argue that this was not a fair race.

Since the BMW iX was an xDrive 50, critics might say the same. But that’s understandable, considering the M60 is new. The E-Tron S would have been a better fit for BMW’s first electric M SUV. Although the next model will probably get the AMG version, the three-pointed star will certainly not.

In the next race, the Audi got off to a disastrous start and ended up behind the iX and Model X, which was a bit disconcerting. It was a photo finish in the third race, with the electric Bimmer taking the win. With its speed limit of 125 mph, the xDrive50 has all but lost the rolling race from 30 mph to a mile. 

In a rolling race that started at 50 mph, the iX and the E-Tron S followed the Tesla, which took first place. While the Model X performed worst, the Audi performed admirably in emergency braking from speeds of up to 100 mph.

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