Rumours of the MZ4.


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This rip-roaring prototype (right) is the long-awaited Z4M, which Autocar’s spies say shares its V8 engine with the upcoming M3 (above). The car will have the task of lifting the image of the whole Z4 range, especially with an all-new Porsche Boxster just gone on sale. The Z4M is also BMW’s riposte to the new Mercedes SLK 55, which has a 355bhp (non-supercharged) AMG-fettled V8 engine.

There’s no news yet on whether the Z4M will have the V8’s full 400bhp. Although it would be a logical move, this sort of wallop would make it hugely more powerful than any rival (the new Boxster S has just 276bhp) and almost as grunty as today’s 911 Turbo.

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