BMW Sales Increase by 128.7 Percent in 2021

With the vast fleet of plug-in hybrid models, BMW posted an impressive quarter with its sales of electrified vehicles. During the first three months of 2021, BMW delivered 70,207 electrified cars to its customers. Looking at the same period in 2020, BMW sold 30,692 units. Therefore, the sales of BMW increase by 128.7 percent this year. The fully electric BMW iX3, Mini Cooper S models, and BMW i3, make up the 14,161 units. Moreover, the figure points to a jump in sales of 119.3 (6,457 units) percent over 2020.

BMW Sales Increase by 128.7 Percent in 2021

However, that is just the start of the change of game from BMW. BMW targets an increase in sales of its fully electric vehicles. With over 12 fully electric models by 2023, BMW aims to reach a 50 percent increase in sales through 2025. By then, BMW Group plans to have nearly two million units on the roads worldwide.

In a few weeks, BMW will be revealing the new IX electric crossover, together with the all-new i4 Gran Coupe. The i4 is to directly take on one of the strongest performers in the segment – the Tesla 3 Model. While the iX Crossover is taking on the majority of recent electric crossovers. This coming 2022-2023 also marks the arrival of new models and additional variants. It includes the i7 7 Series electric, the iX1 entry-level MINI, the MINI Countryman and GP, and the i5 business sedan.

BMW Sales Increase by 128.7 Percent in 2021 1

The electric segment is growing rapidly in China. Markets like China will be having additional units such as some MINI products and even the rumored 3 Series electric. Moreover, BMW will revamp its entire electric cars technology and strategy by 2025 with its newly announced platform – the Neue Klasse. The EV-centric platform will be hosting a new range of vehicles such as electric crossovers and the new iX3. Rumors are also spreading with the new 3 Series, either going hybrid or all-electric. However, that is something to look for in the future models of the German automaker.

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