BMW M2 Races Against Three Cars In Eclectic Drag Race

When it comes to drag racing, there is no limit to the number of vehicles can participate. This latest showdown from Carwow is no exception to the company’s reputation for a wide variety of offerings. Four cars joined the test, and the only one with the rear-wheel-drive was the old BMW M2.

Although it was a faster competition model, the short Bavarian coupe had the lowest horsepower and torque figures at 410 hp and 550 Newton metres (406 pound-feet). Although the M2 was the heaviest and most expensive vehicle, it was also the lightest at 1,575 kilogrammes. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, the Bentley Continental GTC Speed and the Audi RS5 Sportback have all have automatic transmissions.

The new M240i xDrive would have been preferable to the original M2 in a drag race against higher-class vehicles. The RS5 came out on top in the drag race, while the BMW finished last, thanks to its RWD setup. Bentley’s W12 Wraith managed to take the lead from the start but had to settle for second place as the model with the four rings could not keep up. Audi took first and second place in the rolling race that followed, while the BMW M2 finished third. The posh convertible from Crewe triumphed again while the American Brute came in last. With the sportiest settings possible on each vehicle, a rolling race was held again. There was no difference in the result, although the four cars were close together at the beginning.

In the final comparison test, it was expected that the BMW M2 Competition would have an advantage as it was the lightest vehicle in the group. It is important to remember that many other variables play a role. A car’s brakes and tyres are the most noticeable. The Audi RS5 stopped a little earlier than the BMW, so the RS5 won the race. The M2 did not do much better than the Bentley, which weighs 861 kg (almost 1,900 pounds) more than the M2.

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