Check-out the 2023 BMW M4 GT4 in its First Real Images

The M4 GT4 hasn’t gotten as much attention as the M3 Touring and the M4 CSL. After its official debut in mid-June, the racing car is now making headlines again. Pictures of the race car have been posted on Instagram by BMW M and its CEO Frank Van Meel.

Before its racing debut next year, the new M4 in GT4 guise is currently in the final stages of testing. A road-going M4 has never looked so aggressive. The carbon-fibre rear wing, adopted from the GT3 version, is one of the reasons. The in-line six-cylinder engine from the road car can generate up to 550 hp and 650 Newton metres of torque as required. The power is transmitted to the rear wheels via an automatic transmission with a limited-slip differential. As part of a series of initiatives to reduce operating costs, it uses the M4’s ECU and carbon fibre roof.

Some may be shocked to learn that the 2023 M4 GT3 has ventilated Recaro bucket seats, air conditioning and even a heated windscreen. At first glance, the interior may seem sparse, and for the most part, that’s true. In this picture, you can see the steering wheel. Natural fibres have been used in several parts of the interior, as have the racing simulation experts at Fanatec.

The bespoke racing machine was fitted with 10-stage traction control, 5-way adjustable anti-roll bars on both axles and 3 variable spring rates for the H&R springs. To give the teams enough time to prepare for next year’s racing season, the second-generation BMW M4 GT4 will go into production in October and be delivered shortly afterwards.

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