BMW levels up in-car cybersecurity through Upstream security

At this point, cybersecurity should be given greater attention than it already receives. In today’s increasingly technological world, especially in cars, protecting our personal information should be prioritised. In an effort to do so, the Bavarians signed a new investment agreement with Upstream Security, courtesy of the BMW i Ventures subsidiary.

BMW levels up in-car cybersecurity through Upstream security

For linked cars, this startup company offers cloud-based data management. Additionally, it also enables cybersecurity detection and response for connected vehicles (V-XDR) and data-driven apps. This partnership is a step closer to expediting the development of innovative automotive cybersecurity technology. It also allows the German brand to support key connected car cybersecurity initiatives.

“Providing premium connected automobiles globally, vehicle cybersecurity is critical to the BMW Group and its customers.”. Martin Arend, BMW General Manager for Automotive Security and Data Services, had this to say. “Upstream showed its commitment to defining the future of secure and safe transportation. Because of this, we’ve partnered with them to support its product development in this area.”

BMW levels up in-car cybersecurity through Upstream security
BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe Aventurinrot

In 2019, Upstream Security joined the BMW Startup Garage programme and became a supplier to the BMW Group. And this is where the collaboration between BMW and Upstream began. In fact, the BMW Technology Office in Israel successfully completed the pilot project. Since then, BMW has explored new methods to engage with Upstream, and the latest investment announced this week should help.

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