Restoring a Classic: The BMW 7 Series E38 Revitalized

The BMW 7 Series E38 was a luxury sedan that has been overlooked in recent years. Check out below how a US-based professional detailer has restored this classic to its former glory.

After acquiring a neglected BMW 7 Series E38, the detailer set to work on restoring it. Starting with a comprehensive exterior cleaning and detailing process, the detailer took measures to eliminate any imperfections, including swirl marks. The interior of the vehicle had deteriorated and required attention. To remedy this, the detailer replaced the headliner and thoroughly cleaned the upholstery. Now the car is back to a like-new condition.

One challenging aspect was sourcing original parts for the BMW 7 Series E38, which are now quite rare. The detailer scoured the internet and contacted dealerships and suppliers to find the necessary components. Ultimately, his persistence paid off, and he was able to source everything he needed to complete the project.

The restored BMW 7 Series E38 is a head-turner on the road, boasting a stunning exterior and pristine interior. It is a testament to the enduring quality of BMW’s engineering and design. With proper care, classic cars can be restored and enjoyed for years to come.

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