[VIDEO] BMW X5 Takes Center Stage in Skyscraper Grey

In February, BMW showcased the revamped X5/X6 LCI, including the more luxurious plug-in hybrid 50e and sportier M60 options. However, what about the original model? Look no further than this new video, shot at the BMW Welt in Munich, featuring the X5 in its base xDrive40i form without the M Sport Package.

While the X5 with 22-inch wheels and Skyscraper Grey metallic paint isn’t the cheapest option, it still has the off-road kit. The kit features extra underbody protection in the front and four unique driving modes for sand, pebbles, gravel, and snow. Additionally, the X5 comes with a mechanical differential lock and two-axle air suspension. Despite these added features, the X5 remains a unibody SUV. It also cannot compete with Mercedes G-Class or Toyota Land Cruiser models.

This walkaround video provides a wonderful opportunity to observe how the BMW X5 has maintained its status as a stylish SUV despite the Life Cycle Impulse’s lack of significant upgrades. The smaller variant makes it easier than the X7 LCI, which has a contentious split headlamp design. Although the kidney grille is undoubtedly enormous, we contend that it is not out of proportion to the size of the vehicle.

The X5 received a mid-cycle update, which included new taillights with an “X” pattern and thinner, sharper-looking headlamps. The X6 does not have the same taillight design but shares a redesigned dashboard with fewer traditional controls, new colours, and alloy wheel styles. Lastly, the iDrive 8’s 14.9-inch touchscreen replaces most centre console buttons.

The current X5 generation will likely continue production until close to the end of 2025, when the G66 replaces it. As for the all-electric version of the iX5, it may be built on the current CLAR platform instead of the Neue Klasse, marking a first for the luxury SUV.

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