Is the 2023 BMW XM The Heaviest Car Ever?

BMW said the XM would be its heaviest production car, except for armoured X5 and 7 Series. BMW’s plug-in hybrid SUV will be the company’s heaviest vehicle, according to 7 Series G70 project manager Christoph Fagschlunger. Auto Bild claims the XM weighs slightly under 2,700 kg curbside. The final tally is in, so you might want to take a seat.

The XM weighs in at a massive 6,062 pounds, exceeding the 6,000-lb level in North American specifications. Those of you who prefer the metric system can think of that as 2,750 kg. The XM weights 6,062 pounds, exceeding North American standards. That’s 2,750 kg in metric. Due to European weight measurement differences, the German XM weighs 2,710 kg (5,975 lbs, DIN). The load is shared in a nearly ideal 50:50 ratio between the two people.

The XM weighs in at 2,640 kg, making it significantly heavier than other contemporary BMW mastodonts like the X5 xDrive45e, iX M60, X7 M60i, and i7 xDrive60. Weighing in at the stated amounts are the Euro-spec versions. The XM is over twice as hefty as the classic M1 sports car because it is the first dedicated M model since then. The mid-engined coupe only weighed 1,300 kg since it was built in an era when safety standards and soundproofing were not priorities.

You should worry about the M5’s high curb weight because it will have a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. In Euro specifications, the lightest version of the current-generation super sedan, the CS, weighs in at 1,825 kg (4,023 lb). The S68 engine’s electric motor and battery pack will provide some heft to its electrified replacement. BMW has stated the 750-hp system from the Concept XM will be available in the production version later in 2023, so expect the G90 Sedan and G99 Touring to see an increase in power.

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