BMW X3 30i and BMW X4 M40i Comparison

Both the BMW X3 30i and X4 M40i have long been a guilty pleasure for some car enthusiasts. Mike D’Ambrosio shares the same feeling with these two models. D’Ambrosio decides to get his BMW X3 30i and compares it to an X4 M40i. So, what are his thoughts about the two?

BMW X3 30i and BMW X4 M40i Comparison

Mike states that he loves the X3 for what it is. There is no doubt he would still be in one if BMW were making a 3 Series wagon. “Living with the X3 is a joy. It’s easy to get in and out of, easy to load the rear hatch, easy to get kids out of the back seat, and easy to drive,” says Mike.

The X3 comes with a much more direct steering feel and feedback, along with its nicely weighted turn-in. “I remember getting an initial driving impression of this G01 X3 from a loaner, and I was immediately embarrassed for my F30 335i. It was night and day, and though the F30’s steering woes have been well documented, it really showed against this taller, heavier SAV. “

BMW replaces the mill of the N20 4-cylinder engine in the X3. Mike always liked the N20, but the B series is light years ahead, being smoother and quieter with better mileage. The X4 and X3 in M40i tune are both faster and more exciting with the B58 engine.

BMW X3 30i and BMW X4 M40i Comparison 1

According to Mike, buying an SAV comes with the expectation to carry things in it, and the X3 seems to be a perfect size. “The X5 has gotten huge, the X7 is a cargo ship, and the X1 is basically a tall MINI. This X3 is the sweet spot,” says Mike. Overall, D’Ambrosio loves the X3 as it does everything well, in comfort and stylish package.

Moreover, Coupes look way better than their sedan counterparts, while Gran Coupes nicely split this styling tradition. Does it contribute to the turtle shell look of the X4? That would probably be yes, as it takes the space and lops off the headroom in the back seat of the X3.

Both these cars are fascinating and impressive for daily use. If you are into more space and M-Performance-like models, you can consider getting either an X3 or X4. Experience that enjoying driving pleasure behind the wheels with both the BMW X3 and X4.

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