Top 3 BMWs of 2024: Models We Can’t Wait to Drive

BMW is preparing for a busy but revolutionary year in 2024. Although the main priority is getting ready for the Neue Klasse to debut in 2025, several new and updated models will be unveiled next year. Interestingly, all of these models cover the Gxx and Fxx models, which are based on the adaptable CLAR architecture.

The BMW Z4 M40i six-speed manual will lead the year, followed closely by the BMW 5 Series and i5 Touring. Concurrently, we’ll also have the opportunity to experience the new BMW X2 and iX2. Enthusiasts can then anticipate the arrival of several new M offerings, including the M4 CS, M5 sedan, and touring variants. As the year progresses, the spotlight will shift to the debut of the new BMW 1 Series hatchback and a range of refreshed models, including the M3/M4. While each reveal will undoubtedly have its dedicated fan base, we’ll share our personal favourites in this article.

In 2023, the manual BMW Z4 M40i went unnoticed. Although we knew it was coming, we forgot production starts in spring 2024. What makes it special? It’s not overly pricey (just $3,500 more than the current Z4 M40i), widely available, and packs significant hardware and software upgrades. Unlike the usual minor updates in BMW’s facelifted models or options like the M3 CS, we love fresh directions.

We face a challenge here, not due to lack of enthusiasm, but because we feel more disheartened than excited. Unfortunately, the new 5 Series Touring and the first-ever i5 Touring EV won’t be available in the United States. Our mixed feelings are understandable.

Historically, the 5 Series wagons held a special place as attractive vehicles. We still hold high hopes for this new wagon. Despite the somewhat polarizing styling of the 5 Series and i5, some might even call it controversial. The dimensions of the 5 Series platform have always complemented the sport touring proportions. Lastly, that distinctive rear end ties it all together.

Naturally, a range of drivetrain choices will be available, spanning robust EVs and plug-in hybrids to entry-level diesel and gasoline models. We’re particularly eager to get behind the top-of-the-line BMW i5 M60 Touring wheel because it promises to be fun.

BMW intends to alleviate the disappointment of not offering the standard 5 Series Touring in the US by introducing the pricier and more powerful BMW M5 Wagon. Surprisingly, the G99 M5 Touring is heading to America, scheduled to arrive in the summer of 2024. While the number of production slots may be limited, manufacturing is set to commence later in the year. Consequently, there could be high demand for the M5 wagon plug-in hybrid.

We don’t anticipate many design alterations. We believe that the car is already near perfection, as we have already created renderings. Ultimately, it’s essentially an elongated M5 Sedan, a vehicle subject to numerous leaks and spy photos.

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