BMW XM Turns Heads with Silverstone & Vintage Coffee Cabin

The 2021 Concept XM’s custom interior didn’t transition to the production model sharing its name. However, BMW’s first dedicated M model in years still merits recognition as the sole vehicle in their vast lineup features a Silverstone and Vintage Coffee interior blend. The latter adorns the upper sections, which showcase coffee-brown Nappa leather.

You may be curious about the “vintage” label. BMW achieves this look by creating subtle wrinkles and scars through a special finishing process. This ensures each XM with Vintage Coffee leather boasts a unique interior. The German luxury automaker even goes the extra mile by replicating “rough patches” and mimicking “insect bites” to enhance the leather’s authentic appearance.

Stepping outside, this XM boasts a Marina Blue Bay exterior, but for a more distinctive look, you can choose from over 50 Individual colours. BMW recently added Urban Green, Sepia, Petrol Mica, and Anglesey Green to the palette. The car features massive 23-inch wheels, the largest on a Munich-based production vehicle. You can also opt for these wheels with gold accents and a black finish.

An exclusive matte black special edition of 500 cars comes with unique customization options for the recently launched XM Label Red. On the other end of the lineup, the base 50e showcases a striking Sao Paulo Yellow. It also features a six-cylinder plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Consider the 7 Series or its all-electric i7 counterpart for greater customisation options. The i7 M70, for example, offers over 100 Individual colours, even featuring two-tone liveries akin to Rolls-Royce.

The M2 G87 is a car in BMW’s vast lineup with more colour choices. And it will, fortunately, see new colours introduced later in 2024.

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