[VIDEO] Drag Race: BMW M5 CS Against Ferrari 812 Superfast

Many car enthusiasts know that the BMW M5 CS and the Ferrari 812 Superfast could not be more different, although both are performance cars. Apart from the fact that the Prancing Horse costs twice the price of the super sedan, it also features a much larger engine that does not use forced induction. The Italian Stallion is also significantly more powerful and has rear-wheel drive.

Mat Watson and his Carwow team opted to pit the M5 CS against the 812 Superfast in a remarkably close drag race. Some would say that the BMW does not stand a chance against a full-fledged supercar. But the result will certainly surprise those people. On paper, the coupé from Maranello has the advantage with 800 horsepower, 165 hp more than the Bavarian. The saloon compensates for this with 750 Nm of torque, 30 Nm more than its rival.

The M5 CS has an edge in a drag race thanks to its xDrive configuration. It is clear that the BMW was significantly faster at the start of all three drag races. Getting that much power to the rear wheels of the 812 Superfast is a problem. The Ferrari begins to close the gap later in the battles by unleashing its massive NA V12.

Amazing that a big four-door can compete with a V12 Ferrari. This shows that the M5 CS is a real rocket that is not afraid to take on one of the fastest ICE cars. Only in the rolling races does the BMW lag behind the much larger 6.5-litre engine of the Ferrari.

Surprisingly, the M5 CS won the brake test at 100 miles per hour. Both are almost the same weight and had carbon-ceramic brakes, but the 812 required more road to come to a stop.

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