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The F90 BMW M5 LCI Gets an Ultra-lightweight Lip Spoiler

One of the most successful LCIs in recent memory is the F90 generation BMW M5, and it’s already halfway through its LCI. Like the G30 5 Series on which the F90 M5 is based, the M5 has not changed much. It did not need to, because the F90 M5 is already a good-looking car. To accommodate M5 LCI owners, the Japanese tuning company developed lip spoilers. The company has provided F90 M5 LCI owners with 3D design parts as they ask for a better look.

The F90 M5 is different, even though it does not differ much from the 3D Design’s pre-LCI spoiler. The 3D Design’s lip spoiler needs a revision as the LCI M5’s lower front bumper somewhat changed. It was noticeable from the old one that it was something off.

The materials of the old spoiler are also used for the new 3D Design lip spoiler. With an ultra-lightweight design made of a 2×2 carbon fibre mesh and weighs only 700 grams. But you do not need to add more weight, because the M5 is already heavy enough.

The F90 BMW M5 LCI gets an Ultra-lightweight Lip Spoiler

The F90 remains unchanged with its entire 3D design catalogue. Apart from the bumper of the M5 LCI, its shape has not changed at all. The rear diffuser, the rear spoiler lip, the side skirts or other parts of the M5, whether before or after the LCI, if you like them, they will definitely fit.

Several years after its release, the F90 M5 is still a great car and will remain admired by many. It is one of the most rounded and outstanding modern M cars available on the market. Although it may not be the purest or most entertaining car. It will be thrilling for owners to keep it for the long haul and add a little flair to its exterior.

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