[Video] The Launch Control on the Manual BMW M3 and M4

An automatic gearbox comes to mind when one thinks of Launch Control. It is because Launch Control is typically a component of automatic transmissions. But manual gears also provide similar aids in recent years. It’s designed to help you launch with less power and is now available on the manual BMW M3 and M4. “How does Launch Control work?” is the question many of us is asking. Therefore, BMW demonstrates how it should be used and enabled through a short video below.

You must first push the DSC button to activate the Launch Control. The MDM mode will now be activated after pressing the button. Press the gas pedal to the floor while you put the car into first gear. The instrument cluster will then show you a two-stage procedure if you keep the gas pedal pushed down. A message ‘Preparing Launch Control’ will appear first. You will see a new one that says ‘Launch Control Active’ after the notice disappears. 

This is when you have a 5-second window to let go of the clutch and launch the car. The instrument cluster will advise you when to shift for the most outstanding results once you start. You can also accelerate as quickly as possible when you maintain the boost pressure. In theory, it may seem simple but efficiently bringing the power down is more complicated. It’s an entirely different story when you try to hit the precise shift every time. However, it will undoubtedly help you gain faster times than launching the car on your own. 

In this case, the MDM mode should be more beneficial than simply turning off the DSC. You’ll be able to use the Smokey Burnout feature if you choose to do so. This feature is first available in the previous generations.

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