[VIDEO] The BMW M340d Touring Reviewed by a Non-Car Guy

The BMW M340d Touring stands above the other BMW vehicles in being the best all-around daily driver. It is fast, fun to drive, practical, affordable enough, fuel-efficient for its diesel, and good-looking. Many enthusiasts know these things. But what is it like for people who do not care much about cars? Check out this new video review from Car Throttle and see what a non-car person says about the BMW M340d Touring.

In this video, Car Throttle host Alex holds a long-term loaner BMW M340d Touring. Alex did not review the car but rather by someone who knows nothing about cars – Etan. The M340d Touring with Oyster interior and coated in Tanzanite Blue is a lovely combination. Its Oyster interior gives it a classy feel on the inside, along with its sportier black trim and black wheels.

The M340d Touring has a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 diesel engine beneath its lid. It makes 340 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque (700 Nm). Etan has no idea what torque is, but only that the M340i Touring has plenty of it. It gets 5.1 seconds from 0-60 mph, a bit slower than the gasoline-powered M340i but good enough.

Alex drives the car in this video as Etan tries to review the vehicle from the passenger seat. Many find it quite funny to see someone who knows nothing about cars trying to give a car a review. The BMW M340d Touring still left Etan impressed with its handling and performance, even from the passenger seat. It could be, as the video is made just for fun.

Not only the M340d Touring impresses car enthusiasts but even non-enthusiasts as well. It certainly looks more elegant, giving a premium feel. The M340d is hot-hatch quick, more comfortable, and offers more cargo space. Moreover, being an everyday do-it-all- sports car, the BMW M340d Touring is as good as it gets.

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