[Video] One-of-One Peridot Green 2021 BMW M340i Touring

If you are into an all-around car from BMW, then the BMW M340i Touring is for you. It has a sleek design and fast as an F80 M3. The M340i Touring comes with a larger trunk and handles better than the standard 3 Series. Seeing this one-of-one specific 2021 BMW M340i Touring might be the most attractive one we get to see. On Joe Achilles’ newly released video, check out an all-new 2021 M340i showcasing the best of its specs.

In this video from Joe Achilles, the specific BMW M340i wears a Peridot Green coating. It is one of the best shades of green that BMW has to offer. This Peridot Green M340i Touring is a perfect blend of subtlety and excitement, according to Nico DeMattia from BMWBLOG. Combining its Peridot Green coat with the standard cognac-colored leather M Seats makes its overall appearance look fabulous.

The BMW M340i’s green paint is not just what makes it stand out. Achilles brushes through the catalog of M Performance Parts for the M340i Touring and found Style 898 M wheels. Those are essential Style 736 M wheels found in BMW’s G Series. The owner decided to give that matte gray wheels more style. So it was coated in gold, and it looks outstanding indeed on the M340i Touring on Peridot Green. This 2021 M340i model usually comes in its standard blue brake calipers, which is quite off the color scheme. However, to make things match its green and gold colors, red brake calipers are an option and probably the right choice.

Moreover, the 2021 BMW M340i Touring is not available in the States. “Which is a shame because I would sell a couple of organs to get this exact spec car as my daily,” says DeMattia. Getting a BMW M340i Touring is perfect for enthusiasts with small families. As good as it is for daily use, its specs add enough fun and excitement for a remarkable driving experience.

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