[VIDEO] BMW M3 E46 Transforms with a Supercharged Corvette V8

Car enthusiasts know well the BMW M3 E46 GTR’s unique V8 engine, the P60B40. This custom American drift car mirrors that, sporting a V8, too. It features a Corvette’s “LT5” supercharged engine. The M3 GTR once hit 382 horsepower; this modified beast nearly doubles that power.

Italian tuner Garage 52 crafted the M3 E46 drift car, now boasting over 750 horsepower. Its V8 utilizes both direct and indirect injection. Eight injectors traditionally inject fuel into the engine, while another eight vaporize fuel in the intake manifold, totalling 16 injectors.

Initially, the car’s owner sought another shop to realize his dream car, but the project stalled. He then turned to Garage 52, where they transformed it into a drift car with a supercharged V8 engine. This powerhouse generates an impressive 1,000 Newton meters (738 pound-feet) of torque. It’s paired with a four-speed transmission, sourced from a NASCAR race car, and equipped with a Winters differential.

The engine of this car, when required, can unleash up to 1,000 hp with a button inside its bare-bones cabin. Garage 52 continues fine-tuning the V8 and its side exhaust, expecting a four-digit power output. Fitting the “LT5” engine demanded new engine supports, which could be done without altering the chassis or moving the gearbox. Due to the V8’s size, a hood cutout was necessary for clearance.

Opening the trunk reveals no cargo space, which is replaced by two large fans for heat extraction. The car features a race-ready fuel tank with three pumps. Inside, there’s a single seat surrounded by a full roll cage equipped with a hydraulic handbrake and a fire extinguisher.

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