BMW M2 LIGHTWEIGHT Finale Edition with 740 horsepower

Tuner LIGHTWEIGHT makes a final edition of the BMW M2 and F87 series (2015-2020). Once again, BMW shows that its core competence is not only found in its exhaust systems. The M2 wears the S55 engine for the first time when the Hessen-based tuner started the project in 2016.

BMW M2 LIGHTWEIGHT Finale Edition with 740 horsepower 1

The M2 Coupe produces a standard 598 PS and 737 Nm of torque that also features a revised M4 GTS drive unit with water injection. It is about 200kg lighter than the series car weighing 1371 kilograms. Moreover, its final project name was CSR – Carbon Sport Race.

LIGHTWEIGHT cracks and rewrites the DNA of the BMW M2. It then brings us to its Finale Edition. With the 2020 BMW M2 Competition as a basis, the LIGHTWEIGHT Finale Edition produces a massive 740 PS and 880 Nm of torque. Thanks to its several hardware changes on the engine side. One of them is the HJS 2,200 Zeller downpipe combined with the LIGHTWEIGHT exhaust system.

BMW M2 LIGHTWEIGHT Finale Edition with 740 horsepower 2

The Finale Edition uses Titan 7 forged wheels, which is what the company currently applies for homologation in Germany. Its dimensions are 9.5×19 ET 27 and 10.5×19 ET 44.

Moreover, the Finale Edition also uses new suspension and brakes. The Eibach Pro Street Multi suspension allows the adjusting of the damper. Set it without a lift and dismantling its panels.

Its roof and fenders, including the hood, newly designed 3-part front spoiler, BMW CS rear spoiler, and diffuser are all carbon. The rear spoiler and carbon diffuser are noticeably only in Black Beauty.

BMW M2 LIGHTWEIGHT Finale Edition with 740 horsepower 3

The LIGHTWEIGHT Final Edition also comes in four single seats with CS Components in the finest leather and Alcantara. Ensure a feeling of well-being in the rear seats with its seat heating. The M2 logo also lights up in all four seats. Its buttons on the steering wheel are M1 and M2 buttons in blue tone.

According to the LIGHTWEIGHT team, this Finale Edition is not the end of the F87 series. The team is still looking forward to converting the coupe faster and even better in the next few years. It is indeed something to look forward to for the fans.

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