New BMW iX1 Launched in the UK in Frozen Pure Grey

Selling the BMW iX1 on both sides of the Atlantic is the right thing to do. However, for strange reasons, BMW’s entry-level electric vehicle will not come to North American shores. We are then forced to live imaginatively through our pals in Europe, who, in this instance, are in the UK.

Giving this family car quite a bit of elegance, this BMW iX1 has the new Frozen Pure Grey paint option. Greys might be pretty dull, but Frozen Pure Grey is a flat grey that gives the iX1 a sporty and aggressive touch. A family crossover, especially an electric one, wearing a trendy, aggressive flat colour like this seems out of place.

The new iX1 is an attractive vehicle overall. It might be BMW’s best SUV/crossover design right now. It has a modern appearance and is well-proportioned, sporty, crisp, and stylish. Additionally, most colours go nicely with it. Its two-tone tan and black interior look charming. It gives the cabin a light, comfortable vibe but does not offer as many sporty options as the exterior. At the moment, it might be the best interior design from BMW.

The all-electric BMW iX1 produces 308 hp and 364 lb-ft of torque via two electric motors. That’s significantly more power than the 241 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque of the BMW X1 xDrive28i. So North Americans will have to settle for the less powerful, louder and less efficient version. The range of the 64.7-kWh battery pack is about 240 miles, which is adequate but not great. 200 miles was considered the benchmark for the optimal range that brands aim for. The current figure is 300, so the iX1 is pretty much off the mark.

Even though it costs £52,255 in the UK, it’s still a lot of cars for the money. This electric family SUV has excellent practicality, respectable performance, strong power, cutting-edge electronics, and engaging handling. In addition to performing better, it also looks better than the BMW i4. It’s a really solid choice for an entry-level EV.

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