BMW i5 Charms in Striking Brooklyn Grey and Black Accents

BMW recently showcased the new 5 Series in the Czech Republic. It features a stunning 520d xDrive in Cape York Green during a photo shoot. The Czech branch also had an exciting encounter with a unique G60 model, distinctively powered solely by electricity. As a single-motor electric type, this particular version exclusively utilizes rear-wheel drive.

The i5 eDrive40 makes a striking debut in Brooklyn Grey. It’s complemented by the M Sport Package and numerous Shadowline accents for a bold blackout effect on select parts. Additionally, it sports an optional trunk lid spoiler and a distinctively darkened kidney grille with an illuminated outline. As for wheel choices, the standard size starts at 19 inches, but this model showcases optional 20-inch wheels. For those willing to compromise on range, there’s even a larger 21-inch option available. This enhances the appeal of this non-M Performance model.

While the standard i5 is rear-wheel drive in Europe, the i5 xDrive40, currently sold in the US, will soon be available there. This dual-motor variant is among the many upcoming additions to the G60 lineup, joining models like the eDrive40 and M60. The US has just welcomed the 540i xDrive. As for Europe, it anticipates a 2024 release of a six-cylinder diesel model, possibly the 540d xDrive. Although unconfirmed, there’s speculation about an M560e M Performance version, combining an electric motor with an inline-six in a plug-in hybrid setup. The M5 Sedan (G90) will remain the series’ pinnacle.

BMW is expanding its 5 Series/i5 range with a unique long-wheelbase version in China, known as the G68. This model caters to the demand for increased rear legroom. A notable feature is the 31.3-inch Theater Screen, previously exclusive to the 7 Series and i7, now accessible to backseat passengers in the G68. Additionally, 2024 will introduce the more practical G61 Touring, joining the 5 Series lineup with i5 M60 and M5 wagon variants.

The discontinuation of the large hatchback, which didn’t see significant sales, means this latest 5 Series iteration won’t spawn a new 6 Series Gran Turismo model.

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