BMW i4 xDrive40: The Future of Electric Driving in North America

You must upgrade to the i4 M Performance model if you need an all-wheel drive. BMW may, however, release a less-priced xDrive variant to compete with the M50. A reliable source from the Bimmer Post forums claims that an i4 xDrive40 will be added to the lineup later this year. This source has a solid track record of providing accurate information. According to rumours, the automaker has changed its mind and will exclusively market the car in North America. Even though it was initially planned to be available elsewhere.

The first deliveries to consumers of the BMW i4 xDrive40 should occur before the summer’s end. This is because it is anticipated that production will begin in July. Although the details of the technical specs are obscure, we can draw certain logical conclusions. It will produce more horsepower than the eDrive40’s single motor’s 335 horsepower. However, it comes less than the M50’s dual motor’s 536 horsepower.

The fourth member of the i4 family should have more than 317 lb-ft (430 Nm). But not quite 586 lb-ft, according to the same reasoning (795 Nm). An xDrive40 would nicely bridge the large gap between the eDrive40 and M50. The eDrive40 needs 5.7 seconds, and the M50 needs 3.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h). As a result, we anticipate the race to happen around the four-second range.

It is likely to use the bigger 81.5-kWh battery (83.9 kWh gross) found in the eDrive40 and M50 rather than the base eDrive35’s smaller 66 kWh (70.2 kWh gross) battery. According to the EPA, the xDrive40 should fall between the eDrive40’s 301 miles and the i4 M50’s 271 miles in range.

Pricing-wise, the new i4 model will be more expensive than the $57,100 eDrive40. Meanwhile, ti will be less expensive than the $68,700 M50, the BMW M brand’s best-selling vehicle in 2022. Therefore, search for something between $61,000 and $63,000.

BMW’s ambitious goal is entirely electric vehicles to represent 15% of total sales by 2023, and a new i4 variant would aid the Munich-based carmaker in meeting this objective. Later this year, an i5 based on the new 5 Series will be released, which could increase demand for Bavaria’s EVs.

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