Meet the BMW CE 02 eParkourer: Part e-Motorcycle, part e-scooter, all cool.

Parkour. The discipline or training method that involves moving through an environment quickly and efficiently by focusing on overcoming obstacles in one’s path by navigating surroundings in creative and fluid ways.

That must have been the brief for BMW Motorrad’s CE 02. Part e-motorcycle, part e-scooter and a huge motivation for getting my license.

We’re here in BMW’s Press Office in Garching Germany to witness BMW Group’s preview event that gave us a glimpse of the machines that will be unveiled in the coming months, first on the list to break cover is the CE 02 eParkourer.

It’s a fantastic-looking all-electric two-wheeler designed for the young (and young at heart), with tough, rugged city-bike design elements. It features contrasting surfaces and colours that visually emphasize its nimble and agile handling.

This is achieved through hydraulically damped telescopic forks at the front and a single-sided swingarm with a directly pivoted shock absorber at the rear. Stopping power is taken care of by disc brakes for both the front and rear, with BMW Motorrad ABS at the front.

These brakes are enclosed by a pair of solid disc-designed cast light alloy wheels, which can be further enhanced with lively graphics.

For the more powerful 11kW version, the 0-50km/h acceleration time is a speedy 3.0 seconds, with a maximum top speed of 95km/h. It offers a range of over 90km on a single full charge (45km for the 4kW variant). This is partly due to its relatively low kerb weight of 132kg (119kg for the 4kW version).

The CE 02 also features two riding modes, “Flow” and “Surf,” as standard, with an additional “Flash” driving mode available on the highest-spec “Highline” variant. “Flow” allows for optimal cruising in traffic, while “Surf” provides a more dynamic riding experience once traffic dissipates. “Flash” takes the dynamism up a notch for an even sportier ride.

To aid with its “Dynamic navigation”, the CE 02 is equipped with a TFT display indicating riding speed, battery charge status, and more. It is also compatible with another new innovation unveiled at the event: BMW’s ConnectedRide Smartglasses. I will provide further details on this later. It’s all becoming quite sci-fi-esque. (Does anyone else remember Streethawk?)

Once settled down, the CE 02 can be charged using either a 0.9kW external charger that can be plugged into conventional household sockets or a 1.5kW charger available for the 11kW variant. Charging the 4kW version up to 80% takes about 85 minutes, and reaching 100% takes about 3 hours. For the 11kW variant, it takes a rather long 168 minutes to charge from 20% to 80%, and a full charge requires 5 hours. With the 1.5kW charger, the 11kW variant can be fully charged in 210 minutes, with 80% achieved in 102 minutes (from 20%). While not the fastest charging times, considering its compact footprint, plugging it in every other night should provide enough range for eParkouring around town with little worry.

Now, the question remains: will BMW Motorrad Singapore introduce the CE 02 and at what price point? Considering the exorbitant prices of Certificates of Entitlement (COEs), this eParkourer seems to check all the right boxes if it ever makes landfall in Singapore. All I need now is a license to ride.

Ride into the future with BMW Motorrad’s ConnectedRide Smartglasses

Along with the CE 02, our friends over at BMW Motorrad also took the opportunity to showcase their latest gadget, A pair of sunglasses with a built-in heads-up display that can be linked up to your BMW Motorrad vehicle,

Transferring the technological advancements made by BMW’s automotive division, these new Smartglasses are able to project real-time information such as navigation data, current speed and current speed limits, or even current gears selected. Allowing riders to constantly keep their eyes on the road.

With up to ten hours of operation on a full charge, these glasses can also be used on helmets with integrated sun visors when fitted with one of two UVA/UVB lenses provided with the frame. One set allows for 85% transparency, and the other, has tinted lenses making it the most futuristic pair of sunglasses ever made. Recommended retail price? 690 euros.

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