Renault challenges BMW – Good luck with that




 After Nelson Piquet Jr. took the second podium in the at Hockenheim, Germany, technical director of Renault, Bob Bell has gain the confidence that Renault R28 is the fourth quickest car and Renault is now ready to challenge the masters in four wheels and motor sports, BMW. Bob also says that he has got the measure of two teams, red bull and Toyota and has a little advantage over them. Renault believes that they are getting closer to BMW with each grand prix and now they are in the same league as BMW.

Bob confesses that Renault is the fourth quickest car and eventually wants to acquire the third place, though it is tough. He also says that, difference in points between Renault and BMW is not too much and he and his team are working hard to enlarge it’s technology for the Singapore grand prix, keeping in mind BMW’s parameters.

Renault is enhancing its R28 and improving its aerodynamic specifications. He reveals that the parameters for the following year are so different that it gets difficult to make changes in the cars accordingly. “Renault has a long plan to put forward to making cars for the future grand prix. But as off now, we are set to defy BWM”, said Bob Bell.


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