BMW X Coupe 2001


The BMW introduced the X Coupe in 2001 at the North American international auto show, in Detroit. With the launch of the powerful x Coupe, BMW has given a new dimension to the diesel engine vehicles. The car is quite powerful being a diesel driven vehicle and has perfect sports features.

The car has similar chassis like the BMW X5 with a complete aluminum body. The lightweight feature helps the car to pick up and maintain its speed from start till end. It is 58.3 inches tall, 180.3 inches in length and 73.6 inches wide. The wheelbase is 111 inches and specially designed rear spoiler, which extends downward at 68-mph. This spoiler beneath the body of the car is designed to stabilize the car at high speed and produce aerodynamic force. The front mounted diesel engine is 3.0 liter and 184 bhp @ 4000 rpm with direct torque fuel injection and 4 cylinders. The main objective of this unique craftsmanship is speed.

The five-speed gearbox is fully automatic and can be controlled with paddles installed on the steering wheel. The steptronic technology used, gives equal power to all the four wheels thus making it an all wheel drive vehicle. The car has front and rear disc brakes and Anti-Brake System (ABS) technology. Even at the top speed of 125 mph, the stability is no affected. This is quite an amazing feature for an aluminum body vehicle.

Being an X series car and a member of the BMW family, the X Coupe will never let you down for the speed and its style. It’s an all condition vehicle with enhanced feature and too good for a diesel engine. In Europe, one of the best-recommended vehicles is the X Coupe, which is ready to hit any kind of track, any time of the season.



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