[Video] Driving the new MINI Convertible Sidewalk Edition

The Brits made facelifts recently into the MINI Convertible and Hardtop models. Along with the facelifts is the availability of the Sidewalk Edition also. In this video by Unsolicited Opinions, check out how the MINI Convertible Sidewalk Edition is on the road.


The windmills of Holstein give 100 percent of the energy needed by the region. It also offers additional income to its locals by selling the excess for a profit. The said region has 3,000 wind turbines and several farm holiday programs. The region is known for approaching almost everything in an eco-friendly way.

Holstein has strong winds, winding country roads, and the pure North Sea air. It has also a prospect of a sunny day at the beach in its coastal regions. Moreover, it makes Holstein an ideal destination to take the MINI Cooper S Convertible Sidewalk on a trip. The MINI Convertible’s latest version is its open-top four-seater model. It is coated with Deep Laguna metallic paintwork.

Moreover, the bumper strips of the MINI Convertible come in a blue tone. What sets off the vehicle front is the model-specific bonnet stripes with edges in contrasting colors. In addition to that, its standard MINI round headlights and enlarged hexagonal grille give the body more style.

Two exhaust tailpipes now have at the rear have surfaces around them painted in body color. The MINI Cooper S Convertible Sidewalk comes standard in its 17-inch Scissor Spoke 2-tone light-alloy wheels. Its wheels are also on the Sidewalk edition model.

The new MINI Convertible model is available in standard or with the optional Sidewalk Edition package. However, its Sidewalk Edition version comes with a folding roof with woven arrow graphics. The market availability of the latter depends on your location.

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