The World’s First – BMW M5 Gear Knob Fitted on 530i.

Update: Woops, it’s a 525i, not 530i as previously reported.

A BMW E60 M5 Gear Knob which can be placed on a non-M5 5 Series? Possible? Well yes…if you’re not faint-hearted. Wilson, our resident "hardcore" modifiers has successfully fitted a M5 Gear knob onto his 525i and boy does it look great! Even the "Power" button is wired up to switch from D to SD mode. Absolutely wicked.

BMW E60 M5 Gear Knob

BMW E60 M5 Gear Knob

We believe this may be a world’s first, but it’s best you check out the details in our discussion forum to find out more.

Did we also mention that he drives a beautifully done up BMW 5 Series? We know, so keep the drool to a minimal please.

Wilson's BMW 5 Series


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