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Rapture BMW M3 Coupe

There are limitless words to describe this car for the casual automobile enthusiast,
and even so, the varied responses to Alex’s BMW M3 would be either to
love it or hate it. His ride brings about a riot of objectivity and taste of
the mod platter, but no doubt it deserves a much worthy mention in our list
of special and unique BMWs.

This Alpine white BMW M3 Coupe was the first and only in Singapore to arrive
on Singapore’s shore with an Imola red interior to match; a beautiful
combination from the get go, coupled with stock 343bhp inline-six screamer under
the hood. However, ever since the initial booking of the car, Alex already had
extensive (or rather, evil) plans on raising the standards than just being another
BMW M3 on our local roads.


Today, his ride has hit international acclaim with the other Bimmer enthusiasts
with his list of unique and extensive modifications which have earned him much
kudos from gearheads both in Europe, USA as well as those in the Far East.

The first aesthetic modifications were a set of drool worthy AC-Schnitzer Carbon
fibre front bumper lip and rear diffuser, to increase downforce and stability
while storming along the highway at high speeds. Front and side vent grills
were then carefully painted from stock chrome to shadow black to accentuate
a mean demeanor of a pure race pedigree.

The stock “power bulge” bonnet was then replaced with an imported,
ultra lightweight Vorsteiner double-sided carbon fibre GTR edition bonnet, and
matching carbon fibre BMW M3 CSL trunk replaced which shaved off a good couple
of kilos to reduce the weight, and to boost the power-to-weight ratio. Looks
alone were enough to kill and snap necks.

The 3.2l block was mostly untouched with the exception of an installed A’pexi
Auto timer to allow the engine to idle before automatically shutting down after
a hot run. Not that it needed any more power but a complete Supersprint exhaust
system has also been installed to improve horsepower and gas efficiencies at
higher RPM ranges.

Lighting is enhanced by a pair of Predator Chromium (6000K) Xenon headlamps
with matching Hoen Xenonmatch Fog Lamps to easily sear through both the dark
and horizon distance. Stealthbulb sets are also installed in side indicators
to get rid of the “egg yolk” look. Minor details complete the look,
even the license plates are replaced with Euro-style replacements!

His steel grey 19” DPE RO7 Variant S Rivetless rims have also been specially
indented directly from the USA to earn his bragging rights to be the only one
wearing them “shoes” in Singapore. Michelin PS2 (245/35/19 275/30/19)
tyres provide massive grip for his staggered setup, for optimal setups for both
road and track conditions. Much jealousy and friendly ribbing abounds among
even our own members, and surprisingly not difficult to figure out why.

Despite being an astonishing 6 months "old", there are more changes
and additions planned in the makeover pipeline down the road. Most unfortunately,
Alex has declined to comment further on our inquisitive prodding on the next
modification iteration. For now it looks like we can only wait to find out what’s
in store for his ride. Wicked stuff promised ahead, and we definitely have got
no doubts about that.

Owner: Alex – RaptureM3
Photographer – Julian Poon

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