M POWER – Jack’s M3.

Ever since it’s abated launch in Singapore about 3 years ago, the M3 has been lauded as a favorite amongst many car enthusiasts for its elements of both power and luxury – which make for sheer driving perfection.

Jack is the lucky owner of such an excellent purebred in Singapore. While most folks would be contented with the car as it is, Jack has added on a unique selection of modifications to enhance his daily ride to another level.

For starters, his factory-standard 18”rims have been replaced with 19” ultra lightweight CSL rims (exclusive only to the extremely rare BMW M3 CSL edition ), wrapped with performance-oriented Bridgestone Potenza S0-3 tires while mated with a fully adjustable Bilstein PSS9 Coilover suspension kit.

His staggered rim profile setup of 245/35 front and 275/30 rear gives the car a higher precision feel when it comes to sweeping bends and track-day corners. 355x32mm slotted high-temperature rotors equipped with a large Stop-Tech Brake Caliper kit with 4 pistons on cue, stop the car with enough force and confidence to feel your eyeballs leaving their sockets. Mother would have been proud.

Cold air is fed into the high revving 3.2l Inline-6 engine by a K&N Typhoon Ram Charger. Hot waste gases are expelled by quad-tipped Hamann-engraved exhausts via a UUC Rasp-X midpipe which gives this M3 a very deep and menacing growl while going through its paces on the highway. Its wide body presence alone is enough to startle you, while closer inspection reveals a carbon-fibre AC-Schnitzer lip tucked seamlessly under the already aggressive front bumper. The rear is fitted with a matching Hamann bumper which contains an intricately constructed rear diffuser for extra downforce at high speeds. Tinted clear signals give the impression of a monster just waiting to be wickedly unleashed and xenon-white angel eyes complete and accentuate the look that this M3 REALLY means business.

While most BMW M3s can slip by without much notice, Jack’s carbon black ride will not only twist your neck, but also drop your jaw and make you gape in complete awe

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  1. hi i want the back lights where can i get it from plz and i need a black hardtop if possible

  2. back lights are amazing where can i buy from

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