Blacked Out Seven

It’s not common to come across owners who do up their cars tastefully in
Singapore, given all the loud wings and out of place body kits. Much less BMW
owners, and a done up BMW 7 would be probably one of the last marques that anyone
would think about.

Daniel is a self confessed BMW fanatic, and drives his 7 to work and for business
meetings. You can tell that Daniel likes black, and a lot of it. His ride is
a jet black Seven right out of the dealership, and has gone through a lot of
tasteful done ups in the short 2 years since he had it. His ride commands presence,
seriousness and a dark brooding shade of strength.

A full AC Schnitzer kit embodies the base fundamentals which come as a complete
set that includes a sports exhaust, front spoiler, side skirts, rear bumper,
boot lid and a boot spoiler to match. Side door and side trims are matched carefully.
Huper Optik tints hide the occupants while keeping his ride cool. The front
grill has been replaced with a 760i grill to complete the entire look. It’s
all about the small details and Daniel has got it nailed.

Daniel started out his car on 20” Breyton Spirit rims, which he later
sprayed to black to match the rest of the car. Road grip is enhanced by CSC2
– Continental Sports Contact tyres coupled with Breyton Springs to lower
the CG of his car.

Pivot Raizin Voltage stabilizer has also been installed as a grounding solution
to improve his ride’s in car entertainment audio quality and to act as
a slight improvement to his low-end torque. Obit Version 2 has also been installed
as a piggyback ECU system solution to tweak and improve the 7’s engine
idling and ignition timing. Volker Racing Spark Plugs (SPEC II) have also been
installed to give a little more boost. Not that he needs the power anyway. He
already has oodles of it.

So if you don’t know who just passed you and gone the next second, it may just
be Daniel and his Seven.

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