Old School BMW Alpina B10 and Roadster (Z8)

Since the latest Alpina B7 was annouced
, we’ve decided to put on some good ol’ videos from the Alpina and
Top Gear folks together. Jeremy Clarkson brings us through the 2003 BMW Alpina
B7 (based off the 5 Series), and the 4.8l engine BMW Alpina Roadster (based
off the BMW Z8) respectively. Although J.C didn’t have his usual kind words
to say, the STIG managed to pull off the Alpina Roadster with the same timings
of a Lamborghini Murcielargo.

BMW Alpina B10 Video

BMW Alpina B10

of the BMWAlpina B10

BMW Alpina Roadster Video

BMW Alpina Roadster

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