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[Video] BMW i4 Production at the Munich Plant

The production of the BMW i4 begins this week at the Munich plant. For BMW, the completion of the all-electric i4 production at the 100-year-old plant in Munich is an important milestone. That is why the German automaker intends to electrify 50% of its vehicles at the Munich plant.

BMW equips the century-old plant for this massive production of electric cars. In addition to the i4 range, the Munich plant also produces internal combustion vehicles for other models such as the BMW 3 Series, the 4 Series Gran Coupe and the BMW M3.

Since the BMW i4 is an electric vehicle, it has an electric drive and a high-voltage battery pack, unlike non-EVs. This battery pack is already automatically bolted into the body of the vehicle by a new full battery assembly system. To avoid damage, a fully automatic and high resolution camera system scans them. The factory needs an additional body shop, especially for the floor assembly and the rear, even though 90% of the system are still good for the new model.

BMW has invested €200 million for the integration of the BMW i4 into the existing production structures. The i4 production sets as a significant milestone for Neue Klasse for producing  purely for electric powertrains. Check out the video above for a behind-the-scenes peek at BMW i4 production.

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